One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” ― Shannon L. Alder

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Larry has been the person that I've routinely turned to throughout the past decade, for frank, forthright, and illuminating conversations about where to take my career. He's been an insightful resource that's been through it all before me, with no other agenda than to help me get to the best place I can for myself.” - Andrew Sandler, Director of Design at Grand Rounds

Larry is what I used to call in my recruiting days 'top drawer' - a true professional; credible, ethical and with a track record of expertise to boot. Larry ticks all the boxes! If you are looking to change or develop your career then Larry should be your first point of call.” - Jade Gemma, Sales Coach & Strategist

Larry's advice, guidance, and support has been instrumental to my transition from my Corporate career to my Digital transition. I am extremely grateful for Larry's support and knowledge. Not only does Larry have extensive industry knowledge and experience, he was able to translate this for me and my audience.” - Katrina Young, Founder of Katrina Young Consulting

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Who is Larry Cornett?

I'm Dr. Larry Cornett, a leadership coach and career advisor at Invincible Career® in Northern California. I help you become an opportunity magnet for the best things in life!

I often work with people confidentially to help them create a personalized career plan that removes any vulnerabilities which may be holding them back at work. The goal is to help you transition to a bigger and better career and life with my guidance, support, and accountability.

I spent more than 2 decades in Silicon Valley Tech launching new businesses, products, and services (check out my LinkedIn profile). Over 9 years ago, I redefined my own corporate career to reclaim my freedom, health, and life. I want to help other ambitious people do the same!

You can also check out my testimonials and recommendations.

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